4 Şubat 2014 Salı

4º Rencontres de la création IlustraMaxima 2014

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS, dated February 4, 2014, by Saure publishing house and its partners, which opens the volunteers’ application process to support IlustraMaxima
program for the last quarter of 2014.
Exemplary creation action plan. A program aimed at strengthening the role
civil society through the illustration of best practices and challenges
to mankind. In the year 2014: water, family farming, and biodiversity.
We seek participation from amateur or professional illustrators, 18 and older, who wish to
provide assistance in their city of residence and complete the questionnaire.
This call uses the eGovernment platform for both the submission of applications and the
notification or publication of resolutions. Such decisions shall be made on the grounds of the
technical and professional ability of illustrators, whose access to and availability of the
technological means necessary is assumed.
Volunteers must be amateur or professional illustrators. They are given the opportunity to
participate in a project to raise awareness on biodiversity. Visibility shall be given to them in all
phases of the program, thus this is an interesting tool for volunteers to enhance their networks
and have the opportunity to be closely surrounded by people of
great quality. Join us!
The need to have a minimum of 10 illustrators from all the world, who are willing to provide
their collaboration for the 4th IlustraMaxima creation workshop.
The award of a 2-month artistic residence to the organizer of the best activity in 2015,
in Europe.
Article 1. - Purpose and nature.
1. - The purpose of this call is the creation of an international action network, with illustrators
interested in collaborating pro bono with IlustraMaxima for the organization of the 4th International IlustraMaxima Creation Workshop.
2. - Such agreements are not economic in nature, but intended to improve the participation and
visibility of culture among illustrators.
Article 2. - Artistic residence.
Still, Saure publishing house, shall award an artistic residence to one of the volunteers in 2015,
including travel expenses, 2-month accommodation and €2,000, subject to income tax, for the
royalties of a graphic work that the artist undertakes to create on the IlustraMaxima experience.
Article 3. - Agreements reached: A minimum of 10 volunteers.
Article 4. - Activities.
1. - Applicants shall collaborate in the city where they live, with support of a cultural or university
institution of their choice, where the program shall take place, at no cost.
2. - In order to evaluate the proposal, the applicant shall submit a collaboration draft to be
developed within the IlustraMaxima general project guidelines.
Article 5. - Formalization of applications and deadline.
1. - The application form must be filled out electronically and sent to this e-mail: editorialsaure@yahoo.es
2. - Applications shall be accepted from the day following the publication of this call day until May 30.
Artículo 6.– Documentación a presentar.
1. - The applicant shall submit:
a) Copy of Identity card or passport.
b) A picture in high definition (for insertion into the overall program of activities.)
c) Reasoned collaboration draft with specific reference to the cultural or educational center, library, or university hosting the activities and to the association that will help in the dissemination of
Article 7. - Selection Committee.
A Selection Committee shall be created for the study and resolution proposal of the works
Article 8. - Resolution proposal.
The Selection Committee created for such purpose shall review the applications and
communicate its resolution proposal to the Saure publishing house chairman.
In order to establish the order of each awarded work, applications that meet the requirements
listed in the call shall be arranged according to the following criteria:
a) Proper understanding of the objectives therein set: 40 points.
b) Quality and originality of the proposal: 20 points.
c) Relevance of the center hosting the activity and support association for promotion:
40 points.
Article 9. - Advertising.
1. - The names and surnames of collaborators shall appear in the 2014 Agenda, under the
name “Authors-Volunteers for geographically localized actions.”
2. - Each shall receive two daily planners (printed in paper) to their home address, as liaison
**Please don´t send illustrations to this e-mail, only filled up PDF if your are interested in realizing a cultural activity in your country. PDF are only written in french and spanish, but english can also be used to answer the questions.
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