23 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

IT STILL GOES ROUND... April 24 - June 1, 2014

IT STILL GOES ROUND... - ONE-ARTIST SHOW OF LAKONIK, FRANCE Computer graphics, posters/April 24 - June 1, 2014, Room 7
The exhibition honours the 22th April, International Earth Day, with a sequence of 20 works specially created by French artist LAKONIK. He is in love with Bulgaria and is paying his first visit to this country in order to present in person his visual interpretations on diverse life issues. His unconventional art and spatial insatallations have long been displayed in his native France and many other European countries.
Imbued with a distinct sense of humour, Lakonik's works on show reflect on the impact of people's actions on the state of our planet calling upon everyone for better protection of nature and the environment. The collection is backed up with video film The Earth Strikes down - the artist's latest output treating the relationship MAN vs. NATURE.
Along with Lakonik's guest exhibition, on show are also some works from the Humour of the Peoples arts collection - 12 posters by contemporary world artists. They are bound thematically with the International Earth Day and the urgent measures our civilization is expected to take in order to preserve the beauty of the planet and secure its safe and sustainable future.