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The results of Second International Cartoon and Caricature Festival Cartoonmag.com / Iran / Bojnourd / 2013-14

Cartoon & Illustration Section:North Khorasan
Caricature Section:The face of Hossein Valinejhad (The musician of North Khorasan Province Of Iran )

Turkey 2014 - Skopje 2014 Prizes...

A reward from the same cartoon two separate contests ...
Aynı karikatüre iki ayrı yarışmadan birer ödül...
Fifith International Tourism Cartoon Competition - 2013
Luc Vernimmen - Belgium   Professor Atila Özer Special Award
Luc Vernimmen, Belgium. First award for Satiric Drawing on the 42nd World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje 2014

Similar Cartoons - Benzer Karikatürler

Amin Aghaei - facebook 2013

Cancellation of awards - Ödül İptali

 Ödül iptali...

Milas Belediyesi'nce yapılan karikatür yarışmasında ki kural ihlalini gördük,yazdık,çizdik,uyardık, ve sonuç ses getirdi...Pavel'e verilecek olan ikincilik ödülü iptal edildi...Bu ödülün bir alttaki karikatüre verilmesi gerekmektedir ancak bir ilk olması açısından yine yarışma organizasyonuna bir öneri götürdük uluslararası arkadaşlarla,yazdık..bu iptal edilen 2000 dolarlık para Soma faciasını yaşayan bir aileye verilmesi hususunda..bu öneriyi dikkate alacaklarını söylediler..umarım duyarlı olurlar...
bunun yanında iki de similar karikatür var...bunları da tekrar değerlendirirler ve Turhan Selçuk üstadın adına düzenlenen bu yarışmanın prestijini artırırlar... Karcomics Magazine 
Cancellation of awards ... 
Milas Municipality 'Milaskultursanat Caria in the cartoon contest rules violation have seen, we wrote, drew, have been warned, and the results brought the sound ... Pavel which is fed into the second prize was canceled ... This award a following cartoon should be given, but a first in terms of being still contest organization a suggestion took him international with friends, I've written .. it canceled a $ 2,000 money Soma catastrophe to a family shall be given .. this proposal will take into account the said .. hopefully become sensitive ... 

There are two similar cartoons as well ... they are also re-evaluate and adept Turhan Selçuk increase the prestige of this competition are held in the name ... Karcomics Magazine
Similar Cartoons - Benzer Karikatürler

Karcomics Magazine 
Milaskultursanat Karya https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=684751321571936&set=a.684750968238638.1073741989.100001112229580&type=1&theater

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Daily Güncel

International Jury
Pol Postruzin - Australia

Similar Cartoons - Benzer Karikatürler

Milas 2014

The MILAS jury made a mistake by awarding a drawing already awarded in 2013 at KRUISHOUTEM 2013 Belgium.

4. Uluslararası Turhan SELÇUK Karikatür Yarışması, Milas, Muğla
Ve Jüri Değerlendirmesi....
1- Yarışma tüm çizerlere açıktır.
2- Yarışmaya gönderilen karikatürler daha önce yayınlanmış olabilir. Ancak başka bir yarışmada ödül almamış olmalıdır.
Kruishoutem - Belgium 2013 AWARDED 
Pavel Constantin - Romania 
İkincilik Ödülü 
4. Uluslararası Turhan SELÇUK Karikatür Yarışması Milas 2014 ÖDÜL
Pavel Constantin - Romania

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Daily Güncel

Scarlett Johansson by Mecho Art

Luis Calvo Demetrio Solis "Mecho" Costa Rica

Results of Ben Kingsley Caricature Contest 2014 - Sonuçlar

Ben Kingsley Portre Karikatür Yarışması 2014 Sonuçları

 First Prize (Golden Prize)
 Second Prize (Silver Prize)
 Three Prize (Bronz Prize)

Daily Güncel

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Climate Change - İklim Değişikliği Cartoon Exhibition Lima 30 June 2014

Dear artists from around the world:
This year the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor devotes cialis online cheap its focus to 'Climate Change - İklim Değişikliği', mainly because it is matter of concern to humanity for what it means for vulnerable populations, but also because cheap viagra canada Peru willhost the World Summit on Climate Change of the United Nations and we will be an important contribution to bring the message of all of you through humor.

New deadline of the Forth International Productivity Cartoon Festival,/Iran 2014 :22 July 2014

Attention: this contest supported by CWN-news.com site too
The Forth International Productivity Cartoon Festival, furnished with bags of experience from the previous three festivals, is again inviting all artists from around the globe to participate and help the organizers achieve their goals. They are supposed to play their roles in line with the responsibility they have in the society. Objectives which embrace one of the most significant human challenges in developing responsible behavior and drawing up a framework for a decent life in order to safeguard human resources and capitals, and provide more opportunities for man.
Having reviewed the previous festivals and the bagged experiences, the secretariat of the Forth Festival intends to add a main theme, on which the focus of the Festival will be, to lead the Festival toward the proposed subject so that other issues can be followed more specifically and the artists can concentrate on one subject and have a better chance to participate more in changing behaviors toward one single productive behavior. The previous subjects included:
productivity and correcting and modifying consumption patterns;
productivity and home, productivity on technology;
productivity in human resources;
productivity and urban life;
productivity in factories;
productivity and the environment;
This approach attempts to attend to such issues which embrace the general concerns of productivity management in every festival, in addition to a specific subject which is sought to be paid meticulous attention by the honorable artists.
*We all believe that education is tied with the next generation’s future and gives life to the picture of the future, this is one of the most important human concerns and perhaps, for many of us, it is the most critical issue of life; therefore, the main theme of this year’s festival is based on this concept. Productivity in education system covers a wide scope. The following list is only some suggestions:
*Teaching productivity and its concepts;
The impact of educating children on general productivity;
Technology and its role in education;
Effectiveness of teaching methods;
Managing negative impacts of education on the environment, such as harms of the internet;
Education for everyone;
The effect of education on reducing man’s future problems;
Education and learning through practice;
Education and learning through art;
Understanding cultural and ethnic diversity and respect as the output of education system;
Our expectations from the procedures of children’s education;
Productivity and …….
Like previous festivals, this year’s judgment will be done by international thinkers, scholars, and outstanding artists in the field of productivity. The judgment criteria are as follows:
*Originality, innovation, and creativity
Capability to convey productivity concept and its pedagogical aspect
Relatedness with academic and theoretical aspect of productivity (in the sense of efficiency or effectiveness)
The employed techniques
Ability to prescribe and provide solutions
Terms and conditions:
*Number of works: a maximum of three works can be sent for each subject
Works must be original (computer-made versions are also accepted, provided that the print out is signed by the cartoonist. The electronic version must also be sent in TIFF format with the resolution of 300 DPI)
Photographs and copies of the works are not acceptable. Works must range between A4 and A3 in size
There is no limitation in the employed techniques
A completed application form bearing a photo , and a brief biography of the artist must be sent along with the work
Sent works will not be returned
Organizers of the Festival will try their utmost in keeping the works safe, yet they bear no responsibility against probable damages
The secretariat of the Festival reserves all rights to publish and showcase the works sent to the Festival
Festival catalogue will be given to those artists whose works will be published ( please apply extreme attention in writing your mailing address and contact information in the form)
By Signing the application form, the artist agrees with the terms and conditions of the Festival
Deadline: May 22th, 2014 at the latest
Send your works to the secretariat of the Forth International Productivity Cartoon Festival: No. 164, 6th Boostan St., Opposite White Tower ( Burj-e-Sefid) , Pasdaran Ave., Tehran, Iran. Tel: +98-21-22768418
First prize: 3000 Euros and a Trophy
Second prize: 2000 Euros and a Trophy
Third prize: 1000 Euros and a Trophy
Ten other selected works will be awarded by the Festival’s sponsors
The group of international judges includes artists (cartoonist judges) and academics (management scholars)
Please send you queries to the following email address: info@productoon.com
*Children   and Teenagers’ special Section:
Under-18’s can   participate in this section
Each participant   can send a maximum of two works
Works must be   20*30 cm in size. In case of sending the works via email, the resolution must   be 200 DPI
Please write your   full name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, your age, and   your grade on the back of your works
There is a   separate judgment for this section; and the top five young artists will be   awarded (cash prize and trophies)


An Organization: Municipality of Penela / Civil Parish of Espinhal
A Production: Humorgrafe 
Artistic Director: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (humorgrafe.oms @ gmail.com)
1 - Theme: "Freedom" (In order to celebrate 40 Years April - The Revolution that restored freedom and democracy to Portugal, challenged artists to meditate on what is freedom, this personal right which begins where the other ends and needs to others when our start. "Freedom" in its broad expression, whether of thought, political choice, social integration, religious, sexual orientation, gender ...) 
2 - Open to participation by all graphic artists with humor, professional or amateur.
3 - Deadline : June 10, 2014
Must be sent to humorgrafe.oms@gmail.com, or humorgrafe@hotmail.com humorgrafe_oms@yahoo.com ( In case of not receiving confirmation receipt resending new SFF )
4 - Each artist can submit via e- mail in digital format (300 dpis A4 ) up to 4 works in black and white (one color - not accepted drawings 2 , 3 or 4 colors ) , open to all technical and styles as caricature, cartoon, gag cartoon, strip, plank bd (a single story board)... and they should be accompanied with information of name, address and email .
5 - Entries will be judged by a jury consisting of : representatives of the Municipality of Penela ; representative of Civil Parish of Espinhal; family representative Oliveira Guimarães , the Artistic Director of the Biennale , a representative of the sponsors , a representative of local communication and one to two guests, artists being awarded the following prizes:
* 1st Prize BHLOG IV -2014 (€ 1,800 )
* 2nd Prize BHLOG IV -2014 ( € 1,300)
* 3rd Prize BHLOG IV -2014 ( € 800)
The jury, at its discretion may award " Special Awards " , the honorary title , complete with trophy.
6 - The jury grants the right to make a selection of the best work to expose the available space and editing catalog ( which will be sent to all artists with work reproduced ) .
7 - The organization inform all artists by email if you have been selected for the exhibition and catalog, and what the winning artists . The work awarded compensation, are automatically acquired by the organization . The originals of the works awarded shall be delivered to the organization (the original work done in the computer is a high- quality print on A4 , signed by hand and numbered 1/1 ), because without such delivery , the prize money will not be unlocked.
8 - Reproduction rights are owned by the organization , as soon as promotion for this organization , and individually discussed with the authors , in the case of other uses .
9 - For further information contact the Artistic Director : Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa ( humorgrafe.oms@gmail.com ) or IV Biennial of Humor Luis d' Oliveira Guimarães , Sector of Culture , Municipality of Penela , Town Hall Square , 3230-253 penela - Portugal .
10 - The Fourth Biennial of Humor Luis d' Oliveira Guimarães - Penela 2014 takes place 6-21 September at the Municipal Library Penela, extending to the National Center Comics and Image of Amadora (Lisbon) 25 September to 19 October.