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6th P.C.Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest Bolangir / India 5 June 2014

Dear Friend Ismail,
We are happy to let you know that the 6th P.C.Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest-2014,Bolangir,Indiais now open for both professional and non-professional cartoonists of the world.
We are attaching herewith the logo of the contest. Kindly place the logo in your site for information of fellow cartoonists world over.
Further We request you to visit our site http://aswiniabani.com/PCR-CONTEST-6/ for details and to give a link to it in yours.
Looking forward to have a positive response form you,
With regards,
Aswini and Abani
Convener Jury
6th P.C.Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest-2014,Bolangir,India
Aswini and Abani
(Only Cartoonist Brother-Duo of the World)
Koshal Nagar (College chowk)
Odisha, India
6th P.C.Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest Bolangir / India 5 June 2014
In remembrance of Historian Purna Chandra Rath, Superintendent of Archeology, Patna State, Bolangir, P.C. Rath Memorial Trust invites cartoons from both professional and amateur cartoonists of the world.
*Detail of the Contestst
1. Theme: ANGER
2. Maximum Number of Entries: One (1) (Any technique: Black & white; Colour; Digital)
3. About The Cartoon:
A)    Only one unpublished Cartoon is to be sent as e-mail attachment. (Don't send previously awarded cartoon)
B)    The e-mail should also have Full Name and Complete Postal Address of the participant in CAPITAL LETTERS. 
C) The Entry Form (only in MSWord) must accompany the cartoon as attached mail (See Entry form below)
D) Size: 21 x 30 cm (A-4) 
E) Cartoon should be in JPG format (strictly 100dpi) (Maximum 1MB). 
4. E-Mail: pcrcon6@yahoo.com (Write Full Name and Complete Postal Address in CAPITAL LETTERS in the email accompanying the cartoon) Web Site: www.aswiniabani.com 
5. DEADLINE: 5th   June 2014
6. The Prizes:   
There will be 07 prizes (First, Second, Third, Special mention-2 and Honourable mention-2). All the prize winners will be awarded with a Diploma Certificate and a CD album of selected cartoons.
7. Results and Exhibition:
A)  Result of the contest is likely to be declared in the last week of June 2014 and selected cartoons will be exhibited in the website: www.aswiniabani.com 
B) The Diploma certificates and CD albums for all the winners will be sent by post after the function. 
C) The exhibitions will be organized from June onwards in various places.
8. Riğht of the Organizer: 
A) Once sent, the works belong to the organizing committee. It can be published, distributed or used for promotional purpose in future.
B) Cartoons should be downloadable and clear. Committee would not be responsible in situations like net-failure, undownloadable cartoon etc.
It is therefore advised to keep the file small. 
C) Plagiarism, if detected, the entry will be summarily rejected or even the diploma would be withdrawn, if awarded. 
D) In case of a dispute, decision of the Committee would be final. The committee reserves all rights to cancel or modify any of the rules/conditions. 
Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and used without future monetary compensation.
Convener Jury: Aswini and Abani
(Must be sent in MS Word)

NAME :  






My entry is original and unpublished. I accept all the terms and conditions of the contest.




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