28 Ekim 2014 Salı

Studio d’Arte Andromeda, Via Malpaga 17 | Trento

Dear Artist, 
as of today the catalog can be downloaded from the website click here
Jerzy Gluszek
Umorista polacco vincitore nel 2012
della ventunesima rassegna di Satira e Umorismo 
Dal 31 ottobre al 14 novembre
Orario: 17.00 / 19.30

Studio d’Arte Andromeda, Via Malpaga 17 | Trento
domenica chiuso | ingresso gratuito
Jerzy Gluszek,a well-known cartoonist from Poland.
Jerzy Gluszek was born in 1956 in Wroclaw, Poland. He graduated at the Painting Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Currently is working as a freelance artist, painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Activity as a freelance cartoonist since 2005. His artworks have been exhibited at numerous individual and collective exhibitions in many countries of the world (Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Canada, etc). Jerzy Gluszek was awarded more then 40 prestigous prizes (we can mention at least some of them: 1st Prize – International Satiric Competition “Karpik” Niemodlin, Poland 2005; Winning Prize – International Cartoon Contest Syria, 2006; Master Prize – The Master Cup International Cartoon and Illustration Biennial China, 2007; Grand Prize – Porto Cartoon World Festival Portugal, 2010; 1st Prize – International Festival of Satire Trento, Italy, 2012; Grand Prize – International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora, Poland, 2013 and many others). In addition to awards for his cartoons he also won a number of awards for painting and drawing. He was invited to be a member of Jury at International Cartoon Competitions (Poland, China). Jerzy Gluszek is living and working in Wroclaw, Poland.