19 Mayıs 2017 Cuma

The call for the 5’th International Cartoon Festival on productivity Iran / 26 June 2017

Recommended Subjects: Smart houses, Autonomous cars
3D printers
Unmanned airplanes
Intelligent drugs
Medical robots
Terms of participation:
- Maximum number of submitted works:5
- The submitted works should be in jpeg format ( DPI=300)
- The minimum & maximum sizes of submitted works should be A4 & A3, respectively.
- There is no limitation on the technique used in cartoons.
- The filled form of photo and a brief biography of the artist should be attached.
- All rights of printing & exhibiting the submitted works are reserved for the secretariat of the festival.
- A catalog of the festival will be presented to all participants whose works are printed.
- The deadline for submitting the works: June26 /2017
- The works should be sent to following email address : productoon@industry40.ir
The awards:
- 1’st winner:€3000 plus statue of the festival
- 2’nd winner :€2000 plus statue of the festival
- 3’rd winner: €1000 plus statue of the festival
In addition, ten elite participant will receive particular gifts presented by the sponsors of the festival.
It is worth notifying that the International Jury of the festival includes both artistic(cartoonist) and scientific(management masterminds) referees.
14 May 2017 / rahimbaggalasgari