10 Haziran 2018 Pazar

Results of Animal Cartoon 2018 Sonuçlar

*Two First prizes, 400 euro each: Manuel Arriaga SPAIN - Vorontcov Nikolai RUSSIA

*Two Second prizes, 250 euro each: Sergii Riabokon UKRAINE,Marco De Angelis ITALY
*Two Third prizes, 200 euro each: Zoran Tovirac Toco SRBIJA, Mohsen Zarifian IRAN
*DIiplomas: Goran Milenković SRBIJA, Masoumeh Rahimi IRAN, Djoko Susilo INDONESIA, Raimundo Waldez C. Duarte BRAZIL, Pavel Matuška CZECH REPUBLIC, Raed Khalil SYRIA
*Jury Members: Juliana Pena Pai ROMANIA, Istvan Kelemen HUNGARY, Tošo Borković SERBIA, Jugoslav Vlahović SERBIA, Jovo Škomac SERBIA, Špiro Radulović SERBIA

9 Haziran 2018 Cumartesi

Results of 13th edition of the Festival dell'Economia Sonuçlar

We finished the counting of the visitors' votes for the 13th edition of the Festival dell'Economia, in the exhibition "Sorrisi dal mondo", organized and displayed in the Studio Andromeda stand from may 31st to june 3rd 2018 in Piazza Cesare Battisti in the city of Trento.
More than 300 artists participated to the contest, sending their works from all over the World.
In this 13th edition, the winners are:
 First place: Agim Sulaj (Italy)
Second place: Yang Lijie (China)
Third place: Petry & Crisan (Romania)