4 Ekim 2014 Cumartesi

3rd International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj - ZDSLU 2014

collage, assemblage
Within the 3rd International Festival of Fine Arts in Kranj and The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies 2014, which will take place at
21 different exhibition sites in Kranj and its surrounding, marked by collage and assemblage, there will be 130 artists from 12 countries participating in it.
The start of the principal opening of the Festival will be on Tuesday,
7th October at 17 hours, on the Main square in Kranj. From there, we will walk along all exhibition sites in the center of the town.
The opening itself will take place in the Gorenjska Museum. The award
winning ceremony, together with awarding the ZDSLU prize for 2014, will be the last part of this event, taking place at 19 15 in the Dr. Cene Avguštin Gallery at the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia - regional unit Kranj, where there will also be an opening of the exhibition
by the academic painter Stane Jagodič, the recipient of the honorary award
of the The Slovenian Association of Fine Artists Societies for 2014
in the field of assemblage - object montage.
The author will be presented by DDr. Damir Globočnik, an art historian. Then, the president of The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies,
Aleš Sedmak will hand out the award to the artist.
Kindly invited!
Klavdij Tutta, Art Director of the Festival
The exhibition will be open from 7 October to 5 November 2014.
On Saturday and Sunday the Gallery is closed.
The addresse of the exhibition site: Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije - območna enota Kranj, Galerija dr. Ceneta Avguština, Tomšičeva 7, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia